Celaj, Brija and Gjonaj
Property Tax Consultants LLC

TC600 - How to Appeal a Tentative Assessment
TC600A - Supplemental Instructions for Practitioners
TC610 - Registration for Representatives - Submit on or before February 14, 2020
TC101 with TC101 Instructions - Class Two or Class Four Property, except Condominiums 
TC200 with TC200 Instructions

TC201 with TC201 Instructions and Glossary - Rent Producing Property.

TC203 with TC203 Instructions - Cooperative and Condominium.

TC208 - Hotels

TC214 - Department Stores, Parking Garages and Lots, and Theaters operated by the Applicant 

TC10 - Receipt

TC70 - Notice of Offer and Acceptance Agreement

TC135 - Notice of Appearance

TC140 - Notice of Litigation Status

TC150 - Supplemental Application. File when permitted until March 22

TC155 - Request to Amend Application for Correction

TC159 - Affivdavit in Support of Application for Correction

TC166 - List of Related Parcels

TC230 - Sale Statement. Attach to application or TC159

TC244 - Agent's Statement of Authority and Knowledge

TC301 - Commercial Lease Schedule for Rent Producing Property

TC309 - Accountant's Certification. Attach to TC201

TC584 - Freedom of Information Law (FOIL request)

TC707 - Judicial Review of Assessments

TC708 - Small Claims Assessment Review

TCAT - Application Data Files - Notice of filing by electronic means - Submit data on or before March 05 or March 15, 2019

TCPT - Petition Automated Data Transfer Program - Submit Date: October 17, 2019 through November 01, 2019

TCTEMP - Analysis Form for Representatives

Tax Rates for Tax Year 2020/2021 -> Class 1-21.045%, Class 2-12.267%, Class 3-12.826%, Class 4-10.694%.

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